2020 June 20 – 138th Annual Encampment Proceedings

Minutes of the 138th Annual Encampment respectfully submitted by Eric Boothroyd, P.D.C., Department Secretary-Treasurer.

The 138th Annual Encampment of the Department of Maine, SUVCW, was held via Zoom video conference on Saturday, June 20, 2020. The planned Encampment in Waterville was canceled due to the meeting limitations and health risks posed by the current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The Encampment was opened with limited ritual at 9:46 with Department Commander Larry Bonney presiding.

Roll Call of Department Officers

  • Commander Larry Bonney – present
  • Sr. Vice Commander Peter Redman – present
  • Jr. Vice Commander Robert Richford– present
  • Council #1 David Sosnowski – present
  • Council #2 Paul Dionne, Jr. – present
  • Council #3 James Bonney – present
  • Secretary-Treasurer Eric Boothroyd – present
  • Patriotic Instructor Howard Black, Jr. – present
  • Chaplain David Sosnowski – present
  • Counselor Eric Boothroyd – present
  • Historian Wayne Bennett – present
  • Graves Registration Officer Howard Black, Jr. – present
  • Civil War Memorials Officer – vacant
  • Guide – vacant
  • Color Bearer Stephen Morgan – present
  • Guard – vacant
  • Eagle Scout Coordinator Paul Dionne, Jr. – present
  • Signals Officer Peter Redman – present

The Commander appointed the following Brothers to the Credentials Committee:

            Eric Boothroyd

The Commander then introduced our guests and National Representatives, Commander-in-Chief Ed Norris, PDC, of the Dept. of Massachusetts, and National Council of Administration member and Graves Registration Officer Bruce Frail, PDC, of the Dept. of Rhode Island. C-in-C Norris reported that most Departments have held their Encampments via video conference this year, but there are two more scheduled for today that are meeting live. One positive aspect of the “virtual” Encampments is that attendance has increased. Plans for an in-person National Encampment in Atlanta this August are still on. Brother Frail mentioned in his introductory remarks that he is running for Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief and would appreciate our vote at the National Encampment.

Report of the Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee reported 14 Brothers of the Department and 2 guests present. All Department Brothers were Members and eligible to vote. No registration fees were collected this year. The roll call of the Encampment membership was reported by the secretary as follows:

Camp 3

  • Joseph Belding, delegate 
  • Howard Black, Jr., delegate
  • Peter Redman, CC, DSVC
  • Robert Richford DJVC

Camp 11

  • Wayne Bennett, PCC
  • Eric Boothroyd, PDC, Sec/Treas Camp

Camp 56

  • Paul Dionne, Jr., PDC, Council
  • David Gowen, PDC
  • Stephen Morgan, PDC
  • David Sosnowski, PDC, Council

Camp 69

  • Larry Bonney, DC
  • James Bonney, Council
  • Alden Emerson, CC
  • Kyle Emerson, delegate

Appointment of Committees                               

Appointments to the other standing committees (C&R, Resolutions, Officers’ Reports, and Fraternal Relations) were waived since this meeting format was not conducive to committee work and we had no potential agenda items that would need to be referred to them.

Officers’ Reports

Written reports (to be included with the Encampment proceedings) were submitted and presented by Commander Larry Bonney; Senior Vice Commander Peter Redman; Secretary-Treasurer and Counselor Eric Boothroyd; Patriotic Instructor and Graves Registration Officer Howard Black; Historian Wayne Bennett; and Eagle Scout Coordinator Paul Dionne.

A verbal report was presented by Junior Vice Commander Robert Richford, who stated that his focus was on recruitment. He has been reaching out to gun shows, schools, historical societies, libraries, etc. to do presentations or display information on the SUVCW. He has also been coordinating with reenactors for participation in the Maine Bicentennial Parade. Presently he is working with the new director of Ft. Knox, where they will be holding a week-long Civil War reenactment starting July 19. The director would like to have the SUVCW present all week. Brother Richford is also working on inventorying local G.A.R. items and information.

No report was submitted for the office of Chaplain or Signals Officer.

The Commander entertained a motion to accept the officers’ reports. Brother Sosnowski moved, and Brother Dionne seconded the motion, which CARRIED without objection.


A thank you note was received from PC-in-C Donald Shaw last fall for gifts received at last year’s National Encampment.

Unfinished Business

Garfield Camp #1 Charter Revoked – Brother Boothroyd reviewed what was reported in his Secretary-Treasurer’s report. The Charter was revoked on Sept. 25, 2019, in General Order #5. Transfer cards were mailed to the seven remaining members on Oct. 10th. Six have still not placed their transfers with another Camp. If they do not do so by Oct. 1 of this year, they will be discharged. The Camp treasury was received by the Department in February, but the physical property still remains with Brother McGillicuddy.

Dirigo Award Committee – In the absence of Brother Morris Berry, Brother Redman reported that he had no update to provide on the development of this award and would confer with Morris.

Archives and Relics Committee – Brother Richford spoke for the committee. He acknowledged that Brothers Berry and Sosnowski still have property they would like to relinquish. He has taken on the G.A.R. records project and has been contacting towns and historical societies to see if they have G.A.R. items. One problem he sees is what do we do about G.A.R. items for sale, like on Ebay? C-in-C Norris mentioned that we don’t have ownership rights to G.A.R. badges. They were personal property. Ideally, Brother Richford suggested that we rent a heated storage unit for collecting GAR/SUV items. Commander Bonney thought that would be cost prohibitive. Brother Frail mentioned that the Dept. of RI went into partnership with the Varnum Memorial Armory (historical non-profit) to arrange storage for its collections. Perhaps we could do something similar.

Relationship Chart Project – Brother Morris Berry made a proposal last year that he was interested in making a relationship chart of Department members to their Civil War ancestors. In the absence of Brother Berry, no status update was given.

Confederate-style VA Stones in Wells – Brother Sosnowski reported last year that there are two V.A. headstones in Oceanview Cemetery in Wells for Union veterans that are of the “pointed top” Confederate veteran design. He reports that progress to rectify this situation is at a standstill. The federal agencies will not act until the cemetery signs off to make the change. The cemetery administrator is unwilling to sign off because we are not the next-of-kin. We would have to prove that there is no living next-of-kin through genealogical research. GRO Bruce Frail said he sent some information to Brother Sosnowski, but Dave said he did not receive it. Likewise, Dave has sent requests to Brother Frail, which had not been received. They verified contact information. Brother Frail can offer help with genealogical services. Brother Sosnowski agreed to continue working on this project.  

The report of the Department Council (not referred to committee) was presented. Brothers Dionne, Redman, and J. Bonney audited the financial records of the secretary-treasurer, which had been provided to them electronically prior to the meeting, and found them to be in order.

New Business

Brother Boothroyd moved to maintain the Department per capita tax at $5. Brother Sosnowski seconded the motion. The motion was APPROVED without opposition.

Brother Sosnowski moved to maintain the Encampment registration fee at $2, and with a second by Brother Richford, the motion was voted and APPROVED.

Brother Sosnowski moved to donate $150 to Wreaths Across America and participate in the group fundraising program, as we had done last year. The motion was seconded by Brother Richford, voted by the membership, and APPROVED.

Brother Boothroyd moved to donate $50 to the Taconnett Falls Genealogical Library. The motion was seconded by Brother J. Bonney and APPROVED.

Commander Bonney put forward a suggestion from PDC Morris Berry that the Department donate $500 to the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation (SVBF) towards the completion of the Third Winchester Maine Monument. Fundraising has gone on since 2018 for the only Maine monument on the Winchester battlefield. The main monument is complete, but an additional $3K is needed for the base and installation. Commander Bonney approved a grant request earlier this year that was submitted to National. Brother Frail, who is on that committee, acknowledged that the grant was received, but was bounced back for more information, including evidence of matching donation support. It was reported that Camp 56 and some individuals had made donations. After discussion, Brother Gowen moved to donate $250 with the stipulation that the Department Council be authorized to leverage another $250 in matching funds. Brother Richford seconded the motion. Brother J. Bonney offered a friendly amendment that the matching funds language be dropped. Brothers Gowen and Richford accepted the amendment. The motion to donate $250 was put to a vote and APPROVED. Commander Bonney will work with Brother Berry and the Council to see what’s needed from National to complete the grant paperwork.

Brother Richford reported on recruitment strategies, a topic that was raised at the November Department Officers’ meeting. He personally challenged each Brother to recruit three new members in the next Encampment year. He also reiterated the work being done by Brothers Redman, Black, and himself in contacting various venues as platforms for providing information on the SUVCW, as he had outlined in his JVC officer’s report.

Brother Boothroyd reported on the formation of the new Col. C.S. Douty Camp #11 in Dover-Foxcroft with a date of rank established on Jan. 6, 2020. Their last live meeting was held in February, but they have decided to resume monthly meetings again, whether virtual or live. C-in-C Norris reported that the Camp Charter is en route to him for his signature and will be forwarded to Brother Boothroyd.

Brother Richford reported on our planned participation in the Maine Bicentennial Parade, which was to have been held this past May, but has now been postponed until next year, May 15, 2021. It was brought to the attention of the Encampment that the Department does not have a Maine state flag. Brother Richford made a motion to purchase a 4’ x 6’ Maine flag with fringe and a pole with a spending limit of $150. Brother Belding seconded the motion, and it was APPROVED without objection.

A proposal was received from the Daughters to try again to meet jointly next year at Governors’ in Waterville on June 19, 2021. Brother Boothroyd moved to accept the proposal. Brother Belding seconded the motion, and it was CARRIED.

Nomination of Officers for 2020-2021

The Commander opened nominations for the elected officers of the Department with the following results:

  • Commander: Larry Bonney
  • Sr. Vice Commander: Peter Redman
  • Jr. Vice Commander: Robert Richford
  • Council (1 yr.): James Bonney
  • Council (2 yr.): Paul Dionne, Jr.
  • Secretary/ Treasurer: Eric Boothroyd

With nominations ceased, Brother Boothroyd moved that the secretary cast one vote for the uncontested slate of officers. Brother Sosnowski seconded the motion, and it was CARRIED unanimously.

Nominations were opened for (4) delegates to the National Encampment as follows:

  • James Bonney
  • Wayne Bennett
  • Alden Emerson
  • Peter Redman

With no other nominees offered, a motion to cast one ballot for the uncontested slate was offered by Brother Boothroyd and seconded by Brother J. Bonney. The motion CARRIED unanimously.

Brother Boothroyd further moved that all remaining Brothers of this Department in good-standing at the time of this Encampment be hereby elected as Alternates to the next annual National Encampment of the SUVCW. Brother Sosnowski seconded this motion and it, too, was CARRIED.

Installation of Officers

Commander Bonney turned the meeting over to Commander-in-Chief Norris, who served as the Installing Officer. Brother Sosnowski served as Installing Chaplain. The secretary called the roll of officers-elect with the Commander-elect making the following officer appointments:

  • Patriotic Instructor: Howard Black, Jr.
  • Chaplain: David Sosnowski, P.D.C.
  • Counselor: Eric Boothroyd, P.D.C.
  • Historian: Wayne Bennett, P.C.C.
  • Graves Registration Officer: Howard Black, Jr.
  • Civil War Memorials Officer: vacant
  • Guide: vacant
  • Color Bearer: Stephen Morgan, P.D.C.
  • Guard: vacant
  • Eagle Scout Coordinator: Paul Dionne, Jr., P.D.C.
  • Signals Officer: Peter Redman
  • ROTC Officer: vacant

The officers were duly installed according to a modified Ritual. The meeting was placed back in the hands of Commander Bonney to preside over the remainder of the Encampment.

Minutes of the Encampment

Secretary Boothroyd read back the minutes of the meeting. Brother J. Bonney pointed out an omission and proceeded to move to accept the minutes as read, which was seconded by Brother Richford and CARRIED.

The 138th Encampment of the Department of Maine was duly closed at 12:27 PM by Department Commander Larry Bonney.