2021 June 19 – 139th Annual Encampment Proceedings

Minutes of the 139th Annual Encampment respectfully submitted by Eric Boothroyd, P.D.C., Department Secretary-Treasurer.

The 139th Annual Encampment of the Department of Maine, SUVCW, was held at Governor’s Restaurant, Waterville, Maine, on Saturday, June 19, 2021. It was held in conjunction with the Annual Convention of the Department of Maine, DUVCW.

The Encampment was opened with full ritual at 9:08 with Department Commander Larry Bonney presiding.

Roll Call of Department Officers

  • Commander Larry Bonney – present
  • Sr. Vice Commander Peter Redman – present
  • Jr. Vice Commander Robert Richford– present
  • Council #1 David Sosnowski – absent
  • Council #2 Paul Dionne, Jr. – present
  • Council #3 James Bonney – present
  • Secretary-Treasurer Eric Boothroyd – present
  • Patriotic Instructor Howard Black, Jr. – present
  • Chaplain David Sosnowski – absent
  • Counselor Eric Boothroyd – present
  • Historian Wayne Bennett – present
  • Graves Registration Officer Howard Black, Jr. – present
  • Civil War Memorials Officer – vacant
  • Guide – vacant
  • Color Bearer Stephen Morgan – absent
  • Guard – vacant
  • Eagle Scout Coordinator Paul Dionne, Jr. – present
  • Signals Officer Peter Redman – present

Commander Bonney made the temporary appointment of Brother James Bonney to fill the office of Chaplain for the Encampment.

The Commander appointed the following Brothers to the Credentials Committee:

            Eric Boothroyd

The Commander then introduced our guests and National Representatives, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Bruce Frail, PDC, of the Dept. of RI, and Brother Marty Higgins, PDC, of the Dept. of NJ.

JVC-in-C Frail reported that he was attending on behalf of Commander-in-Chief Pierson to observe and report on the deliberations of our Encampment. He also made four points:

  1. A special committee has been formed to study virtual meetings. It is likely that they could continue for Camps and Departments to allow for hybrid meetings, but not for the National Encampment. Too much time and investment is made by the host Department to deny the live event.
  2. Because of our 501(c)(3) tax status, liability coverage will be required within the next two years for all Departments and Camps. National has coverage and can provide it for subordinate units, but it must be applied for.
  3. The online Memorial University site and process are being updated.
  4. Please take pictures at all events to submit to The Banner.

Report of the Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee reported 11 Brothers of the Department and 2 guests present. All Department Brothers were Members and eligible to vote. $34 was collected in registration fees and donations at the door (an additional $2.50 was received at the end of the Encampment).  The roll call of the Encampment membership was reported by the secretary as follows:   

Camp 3

  • Howard Black, Jr., CC      
  • Cameron Currier, delegate
  • Harry Epp, delegate
  • Peter Redman, PCC, DSVC           
  • Robert Richford, DJVC                                                 

Camp 11

  • James Annis, delegate
  • Wayne Bennett, PCC
  • James Bonney, Council
  • Larry Bonney, DC
  • Eric Boothroyd, PDC, Sec/Treas

Camp 56

  • Paul Dionne, Jr., PDC, Council

Camp 69

[Camp 69 was not represented, as it is currently under suspension.]

Appointments to other standing committees were as follows:

  • Constitution & Regulations: Paul Dionne, Wayne Bennett
  • Resolutions: James Bonney, Robert Richford
  • Officers’ Reports: Howard Black, Peter Redman
  • Fraternal Relations: Wayne Bennett

Brother Bennett was charged by the Commander to convey the greetings of the Sons to the Daughters in convention. Brother Bennett exited the room.

Officers’ Reports

Written reports (to be included with the Encampment proceedings) were submitted and presented by Commander Larry Bonney; Senior Vice Commander Peter Redman; Junior Vice Commander Robert Richford; Secretary-Treasurer and Counselor Eric Boothroyd; Patriotic Instructor and Graves Registration Officer Howard Black; Historian Wayne Bennett; and Eagle Scout Coordinator Paul Dionne.

A verbal report was presented by Peter Redman in his position as Signals Officer. He said we receive regular “hits” on our website with requests for information, and the site is maintained, thanks to Debi Curry, but we are just not getting the input from Camps for additional content, like photos and sponsored events.

JVC-in-C Frail commended Brother Black on his work as Graves Registration Officer, having entered 1,675 graves into the SUV database over the past year, and hopes he can do 1,700 next year!

No report was submitted for the office of Chaplain.

The written reports were referred to committee.


A letter of intent and resume were received from Brother Peter J. Hritsko, PDC, Dept. of OH, announcing his candidacy for Junior Vice Commander-in Chief at the National Encampment. (referred to the Resolutions committee)

A formal acknowledgement and a personal note were received from the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation (SVBF) for last year’s donation of $250 to the Maine Monument at the 3rd Winchester Battlefield.

A thank you acknowledgement was also received from the Taconnett Falls Chapter of MGS for last year’s donation.

Commander Bonney received an email communication last November from Brother Sumner Hunnewell, PDC, Dept. of MO, asking for help from the Department with the installation and dedication of a new headstone for his great, great, grandfather in Brown’s Hill Cemetery in So. Portland. Sumner Freeland Hunnewell was a veteran of the 25th Maine Infantry. Brother Hunnewell will be in Maine on Sept. 12. Larry is mediating with Brother Hunnewell and will advise the Department as to the event arrangements.

A short recess was called by the Commander so that committees could confer. The Bible was closed at 10:37.

The Encampment was reconvened and the Bible was opened at 10:52. All 11 members were reported present.

Unfinished Business

Dirigo Award Committee – The concept for this award was presented to us by PDC Morris Berry in 2017. The recipient of this award would be a non-member of the Allied Orders who performed outstanding service in the memory of Civil War soldiers and would be chosen by the Department Council; the award to be presented at the Department Encampment. Nothing has moved forward on this initiative. Brother Berry was unable to attend this Encampment, but he indicated to the secretary via email that he wondered if there was still interest. Brother Frail commented that RI has something similar, costing around $100, and recommended going forward. Brother Redman, who serves on this committee, said he was willing to take the lead on this initiative, and would work with Brother Frail to gather information from other Departments who offer similar awards.

Archives and Relics Committee – Brother Richford spoke for the committee. He is trying to locate and catalog G.A.R. memorabilia from each of the Maine Posts. He mentioned that there are a lot of items on e-Bay that may have questionable ownership. The SUVCW monitors e-Bay.

Relationship Chart Project – Brother Berry indicated via email that he was still interested in making a relationship chart of Department members to their Civil War ancestors. The secretary will contact Brother Berry for more detail on what information he requires for this project. Brother Frail mentioned that Brother Jim Ward, Dept. of FL, Chair of the National Hereditary Committee, might be a helpful contact.

Confederate-style VA Stones in Wells – Brother Sosnowski was not present to give any update on the status of replacing these Confederate-style markers with Union-style. The last we heard, it was a “next-of-kin” issue with the cemetery for the authorization of the replacements. Brother Frail was to work with Brother Sosnowski two years ago, but they never received each other’s communications. They verified contact info at our last Encampment, but Brother Frail reported that he had not heard from PDC Sosnowski this past year. Discussion ensued on who is authorized to give permissions for gravestone requests. Commander Bonney asked Brother Richford to be added to work on this project.

3rd Winchester Monument Dedication – Brother Berry reported via email that he is in communication with the SVBF in arranging a suitable dedication ceremony for the Maine Monument on the 3rd Winchester Battlefield in Virginia this September. This is the monument we made a donation to at the last Encampment. Brother James Bonney reported that the ceremony will be held on Saturday, Sept. 25, at 1:00 PM. Brother Berry and the entire Bonney family plan to attend.

Maine Bicentennial Parade – Brother Richford reported that the Maine Bicentennial Parade, which was rescheduled from last year to have been held this past May, is now planned for Saturday, Aug. 21, in Auburn.

Maine Flag – Last year we authorized the purchase of a 4’ x 6’ Maine flag with fringe and a pole with a spending limit of $150 to be used in the parade. The purchase has not been made. Brother Boothroyd was concerned that not enough money was authorized. He moved to raise the spending limit to $200. The motion was seconded by Brother Black, voted, and CARRIED.

Flag Bases – On a related item of business, the Department has not had floor stands for its flags and has relied on borrowed ones from other Camps (thanks to Camp 3 for today). Brother Richford moved that the Department purchase three flag bases, two for the existing flags and one for the proposed flag, with a total spending limit of $150. Brother James Bonney seconded the motion, and it was CARRIED.

Committee Reports

Resolutions: Brother J. Bonney reported the committee’s recommendation that the Maine delegation to the Nat’l Encampment vote their conscience for Junior Vice C-in-C.

Officers’ Reports: Brother Black recommended that the officers’ reports be accepted as presented.

The report of the Department Council (not referred to committee) was presented. Brothers Dionne and J. Bonney audited the financial records of the secretary-treasurer and found them to be in order.

New Business

Brother J. Bonney moved to authorize the treasurer to renew the Department certificate of deposit for another two year term. Brother Richford seconded the motion, and it was APPROVED unanimously.

Brother J. Bonney moved to maintain the Department per capita tax at $5. Brother Black seconded the motion. The motion was APPROVED without opposition.

Brother J. Bonney moved to maintain the Encampment registration fee at $2, and with a second by Brother Richford, the motion was voted and APPROVED.

Brother Richford moved to donate $50 to the Taconnett Falls Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society in support of their research library in Winslow which houses old Department membership records. The motion was seconded by Brother Redman and APPROVED.

Brother Richford moved to donate $150 to Wreaths Across America and participate in the group fundraising program, as we have done in past years. The motion was seconded by Brother J. Bonney, voted by the membership, and APPROVED.

Brother Black moved that the Department pay for the meal of our National Representative, Brother Frail. With a second from Brother J. Bonney, the motion was CARRIED unanimously.

Commander Bonney called a recess for lunch. The Bible was closed at 11:55.


Following the combined luncheon with the Sisters of the DUVCW, a joint Memorial Service was officiated by the Sisters. Our departed Brothers were recognized: PCinC Richard Orr, PCinC Allen Moore, Lewis Beal, Sr. (Camp 3), and Ronald Smith (Camp 11).

A signing ceremony was also held for the Charter of Douty Camp 11 by Commander Bonney and Secretary-Treasurer Boothroyd. This was the first opportunity to meet in person since the Charter was received a year ago. The Sisters provided a cake for the occasion.


The meeting of the Department Encampment was reopened by Commander Bonney at 1:36. Eleven Brothers of the Department and one guest were reported present.

PDC Morris Berry had indicated via email that he received an invitation to lay a wreath from the SUVCW at the grave of Gen. Henry Knox in Thomaston on Knox Day, July 24th. This annual event was cancelled last year, but this is something Morris has done for us in the past and wondered if the SUVCW still wanted to participate. He is willing to attend. The consensus of the Encampment was to continue with the tradition. Brother Richford moved to allocate $50 for the cost of a wreath to be reimbursed to Brother Berry. Brother Epp seconded that motion, and it was APPROVED.

Discussion was made on the location of next year’s Encampment. With the formation of the Department of New England, ASUVCW, in 2019, Maine was scheduled to host the Auxiliary’s rotating Encampment for 2022, but the status of the Auxiliary in New England is unknown at this time. If we need to host three Orders, Governor’s in Waterville may not be sufficient for next year. Commander Bonney and PDP Elsie Bonney of the DUV will be attending the National Encampment in St. Louis in August and should be able to report back on the Auxiliary status and how it will affect our Department Encampment. If there is no Auxiliary, the Daughters’ preference is to return to Governor’s on June 18, 2022.

Brother Black brought up the topic of SUVCW memorial flags for placement in grave markers. Although some designs have been available from different sources, there is no standard design. Howard proposed a standard design to the Council of Administration over a year ago. Brother Frail explained why the process was so slow and added that Quartermaster Lyon is working on quotes for a miniature version of the Camp flag to be offered by National. This was agreeable to the Encampment, and Brother J. Bonney moved that the Dept. of Maine resolve to support the making of a uniform SUVCW grave flag. Brother Richford seconded the motion, and it was CARRIED with the unanimous consent of the assembled Encampment. Brother Frail suggested that the resolution be included in the Department report of the next Department Commander prior to the National Encampment.

Nomination of Officers for 2021-2022

The Commander opened nominations for the elected officers of the Department with the following results:

  • Commander: Peter Redman
  • Sr. Vice Commander: James Bonney, Howard Black
  • Jr. Vice Commander: Robert Richford
  • Council (1 yr.): James Bonney
  • Council (2 yr.): Larry Bonney (James Bonney was also nominated, but he declined)
  • Secretary/ Treasurer: Eric Boothroyd
  • Nominations were opened for (3) delegates to the National Encampment as follows:
  • James Bonney
  • Wayne Bennett
  • Robert Richford

With nominations ceased, Brother Boothroyd moved that the secretary cast one vote for the uncontested slate of officers and delegates. Brother J. Bonney seconded the motion, and it was CARRIED unanimously.

The only contested race was that of Senior Vice Commander, which went to secret ballot. The results were: James Bonney – 2    Howard Black – 9

Brother Boothroyd further moved that all remaining Brothers of this Department in good-standing at the time of this Encampment be hereby elected as Alternates to the next annual National Encampment of the SUVCW. Brother Redman seconded this motion and it, too, was CARRIED.

A short recess was called by the Commander. The Bible was closed at 2:40.

The Encampment was reconvened and the Bible was opened at 2:52. All 11 members were reported present.

Installation of Officers

Commander Bonney turned the gavel over to Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Frail, who served as the Installing Officer. Brother James Bonney served as Installing Chaplain, and Brother Harry Epp served as Installing Guide. The secretary called the roll of officers-elect with the Commander-elect making the following officer appointments:

Patriotic Instructor: Larry Bonney, P.D.C.

  • Chaplain: James Bonney
  • Counselor: Eric Boothroyd, P.D.C.
  • Historian: Wayne Bennett, P.C.C.
  • Graves Registration Officer: Howard Black, Jr.
  • Civil War Memorials Officer: James Ewing
  • Guide: Harry Epp
  • Color Bearer: James Ewing
  • Guard: Cameron Currier
  • Eagle Scout Coordinator: Paul Dionne, Jr., P.D.C.
  • Signals Officer: Peter Redman

The officers were duly installed according to the ritual. The gavel was placed into the hands of Department Commander Redman to preside over the remainder of the Encampment.

Commander Redman presented the Past Department Commander’s badge to Brother Larry Bonney, P.D.C.

With no other business to come before the Encampment, the secretary was instructed to present the minutes.

Minutes of the Encampment

Secretary Boothroyd read back the minutes of the meeting. Brother J. Bonney asked for clarification on the spending limits for the flag and flag bases.  Brother L. Bonney moved to accept the minutes as reported. With a second from Brother Richford, the motion was voted and CARRIED.

The 139th Encampment of the Department of Maine was duly closed with ritual at 3:30 PM by Department Commander Peter Redman.