2019 June 29 – 137th Annual Encampment Proceedings

Minutes of the 137th Annual Encampment respectfully submitted by Eric Boothroyd, P.D.C., Department Secretary-Treasurer.

The 137th Annual Encampment of the Department of Maine, SUVCW, was held at
Governor’s Restaurant, Waterville, Maine, on Saturday, June 29, 2019. It was held in
conjunction with the Annual Convention of the Department of Maine, DUVCW.

The Encampment was opened with full ritual at 9:22 with Department Commander Larry Bonney presiding.

Roll Call of Department Officers

The roll was called with Commander Bonney making temporary appointments to fill vacancies as needed.

  • Commander Larry Bonney – present
  • Sr. Vice Commander Peter Redman – present
  • Jr. Vice Commander Morris Berry– absent (chair filled by Robert Richford)
  • Council #1 Morris Berry – absent
  • Council #2 Paul Dionne, Jr. – present
  • Council #3 Peter Redman – present
  • Secretary-Treasurer Eric Boothroyd – present
  • Patriotic Instructor Howard Black, Jr. – present
  • Chaplain David Sosnowski – present
  • Counselor Eric Boothroyd – present
  • Historian Wayne Bennett – absent
  • Graves Registration Officer Howard Black, Jr. – present
  • Civil War Memorials Officer Paul Berry, Jr. – absent
  • Guide James Bonney – present
  • Color Bearer Stephen Morgan – absent
  • Guard – vacant
  • Eagle Scout Coordinator Paul Dionne, Jr. – present
  • Signals Officer Peter Redman – present
  • The Commander appointed the following Brothers to the Credentials Committee: Eric Boothroyd

The Commander then introduced our guest and National Representative, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Ed Norris, PDC, of the Dept. of Massachusetts, who offered greetings from C-in-C Donald Shaw. Brother Norris mentioned that he had attended this Encampment for at least three years and had a warm spot for Maine as some of his Civil

War ancestors fought in Maine units. He hopes to return again next year as Commander-in-Chief.

Report of the Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee reported 10 Brothers of the Department and 1 guest present. All Department Brothers were Members and eligible to vote. $20 in registration fees was collected and submitted to the treasurer. The roll call of the Encampment membership was reported by the secretary as follows:

  • James Annis, delegate Camp 3
  • Peter Redman, SVC,Council Camp 3
  • Howard Black, Jr., delegate Camp 3
  • David Sosnowski, PDC Camp 56
  • Robert Richford, delegate Camp 3
  • Paul Dionne, Jr., PDC, Council Camp 56
  • Charles Runnells, delegate Camp 3
  • Larry Bonney, DC Camp 69
  • Eric Boothroyd, PDC, Sec/Treas Camp 3
  • James Bonney, delegate Camp 69
  • [Garfield Camp 1 is still under suspension.]

Appointments to other standing committees were as follows:

  • Constitution & Regulations
    Paul Dionne, Robert Richford
  • Resolutions
    David Sosnowski, Howard Black
  • Officers’ Reports
    Robert Richford, James Bonney
  • Fraternal Relations
    To appoint as needed

Officers’ Reports

Written reports (to be included with the Encampment proceedings) were submitted and presented by Commander Larry Bonney; Senior Vice Commander Peter Redman; Secretary-Treasurer and Counselor Eric Boothroyd; Patriotic Instructor and Graves Registration Officer Howard Black; and Eagle Scout Coordinator Paul Dionne.

Verbal reports were presented by Chaplain David Sosnowski, who spoke about serving as chaplain for the 1st Maine Cavalry monument dedication ceremony in Virginia this month, and Signals Officer Peter Redman, who praised the work of Debi Curry in hosting our website and asked for pictures to be taken at events for posting online.

The written reports were referred to committee.

A resolution was received from the Dept. of Michigan endorsing PDC Paul Davis for election to JVC-in-C at the National Encampment. (referred to the Resolutions committee)

A letter was received from PDC Michael Paquette, who is a member of the National Council of Administration, announcing his candidacy for JVC-in-C at the National Encampment. (referred to the Resolutions committee)

A directive was read from the National Secretary instructing the Department to vote on a proposed amendment to the wording of the SUVCW Constitution put forward by last year’s National Encampment, to be taken up in new business at this Encampment (referred to C&R committee).

A letter from PNP Anne Sosnowski announced the formation of the Department of New England, ASUVCW. The newly consolidated Auxiliaries of the New England states will now be attending SUVCW Encampments in each of the Departments on an annual rotation. Commander Bonney reported that they will meet with us in Maine in 2022.

An invitation to all Allied Orders members to the New England Regional Association’s 2nd Annual Friendship Luncheon in Laconia, NH, on July 20th was presented.

The Commander presented an email from PDC Lee Stone, Dept. of the Chesapeake, establishing contact with the Department of Maine and sharing information on the grave of Stephen Twombly, a private in the 1st ME Cavalry. Brother Stone was present at the monument dedication in Middleburg, VA, on June 22.

Chamberlain Camp #69 sent a report and photograph of Brother Errol Briggs, Col. USA (ret.) receiving the Order of St. Maurice, which is the highest honor bestowed to an infantryman by the National Infantry Association.

A short recess was called by the Commander so that committees could confer. The Bible was closed at 10:10.

The Encampment was re-convened and the Bible was opened at 10:36. All 10 members were reported present.

Committee Reports

Constitution & Regulations: Brother Richford, reporting for the committee, recommended approval of the SUVCW Constitutional amendment proposal.

Resolutions: Brother Sosnowski reported the committee’s recommendation that the Maine delegation to the Nat’l Encampment vote their conscience for Junior Vice C-in-C.

Officers’ Reports: Brother J. Bonney recommended that the officers’ reports be accepted as presented.

Unfinished Business

1st ME Cavalry Monument – After twelve years of fundraising, site searching, permit approvals, and stone preparation, PDC Steve Bunker realized his vision of having a monument placed in Virginia in honor of the 1st Maine Cavalry at the battle of Aldie and to those who lost their lives, including their colonel, Calvin Douty. This is the first monument to be placed in the newly created Mount Defiance Historic Park in Middleburg, VA, which is operated by Northern Virginia (NOVA) Parks. Only about two weeks’ notice was given announcing the dedication ceremony on June 22, but Dept.

Commander Bonney, PDC Sosnowski, Brother James Bonney, and Sisters from the Allied Orders in Maine, as well as PDC Bunker and his 1st ME Cavalry reenactors, made the trip to Virginia. The actual dedication ceremony was performed by the Department of Maine with Commander Bonney presiding and PDC Sosnowski serving as chaplain.

Garfield Camp #1 Suspension – Secretary-Treasurer Boothroyd explained the situation to date. Registered letters were sent to Camp SVC Paul Berry and Camp Sec.-Treas. Charles McGillicuddy in July after last year’s Encampment outlining the reasons for the suspension and what needed to be done to come back into compliance. No response was received. Commander Bonney was unsuccessful in making contact by email or social media. An email was sent to Brothers Berry, McGillicuddy, and Mairs just prior to this Encampment inviting them to attend to discuss the matter. Only Brother Berry responded by saying, “I am unable to attend and do not prefer to have my membership moved or extended.” Options: The Department can request the C-in-C to revoke their Charter and offer transfers to the members. Brother Norris offered that they could relocate the Camp, take on new members, and retain the Charter. Brother Redman mentioned that he is interested in starting a new Camp in Bangor, which might help accomplish this. It was pondered that by keeping the Charter, would any IRS penalties for failure to file 990-N reports be taken on by the revived Camp? It might be cleaner to just have the Charter revoked and start a new Camp. Brother Norris felt that the suspended members of the Camp would have to reapply to regain membership status since it has been over a year. Also, would they owe a full year’s dues to whatever Camp they transferred to? The Commander asked Brother Norris to check with National Counselor James Pahl, PC-in-C, on these questions. In the meantime, since the Camp has not done so itself, the Commander will call a meeting of Camp #1, with the assistance of Brothers Boothroyd and Redman, and we will take it from there. [PC-in-C Pahl reported back later that suspended memberships do not expire (no need to reapply) and that the issuance of transfers is not contingent upon whether per capita dues are up to date or not.]

Dirigo Award Committee – In the absence of Brother Morris Berry, Brother Redman reported that nothing had been done by the committee since our last meeting. It was reported that Morris had been substitute teaching over the past year and may have been too busy. Brother Redman stated that he will check with Brother Berry on continuing the work needed to develop this award.

Archives and Relics Committee – There was some confusion at last year’s Encampment derived from General Order No. 26, Series 2017-2018, as to the status of the physical and monetary property of defunct Camps and if the National Organization was asking to take possession of them. It was clarified at last August’s National Encampment that it is turned over to the Department Commander “to be held in trust for the National Order Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.” This is wording required for the 501(c)(3) tax status but does not change the fact that money and property can remain and be used within the Department. All Department and Camp properties are inherently “held in trust for the National Order”. After discussion, Commander Bonney appointed Brothers Robert Richford, Morris Berry, and David Sosnowski to develop a plan for possible identification, consolidation, and digitization of the scattered Department property.

The report of the Department Council (not referred to committee) was presented at this time by Brother Paul Dionne who reported that he and Brother Redman examined the treasurer’s account records prior to the meeting and found them to be in order.

Commander Bonney called a recess for lunch. The Bible was closed at 11:54.


Following the combined luncheon with the Sisters of the DUVCW, a joint Memorial Service was officiated by the Sisters. Our departed Brothers were recognized: PCC William “Gene” Bickford (Camp 69), Davis Poland (ex-Camp 3), and PCC John Cannon (Life Member, Camp 3).


The meeting of the Department Encampment was reopened by Commander Bonney at 1:25. Nine Brothers of the Department and one guest were reported present (Brother Runnels having left).

The Commander offered a last chance to buy a $1 raffle ticket to win a Civil War chess set. The winning entry will be drawn today.

New Business

Brother Boothroyd put forward a motion that the Department pay to the Allied Orders fund $14 for the cost of our National Representative’s lunch. The motion was seconded by Brother Sosnowski, voted, and APPROVED. Brother Norris thanked the Encampment.

The proposed amendment to the SUVCW Constitution calls for a wording change to give the Commander-in-Chief the authority to take action to suspend or delay the implementation of any action taken by any National Encampment, rather than just the last National Encampment (as it is now). The C&R Committee recommended approval.

Brother Richford made the motion to accept the amendment. The motion was seconded by Brother Sosnowski and CARRIED unanimously. The official vote was recorded and signed by the Commander and Secretary-Treasurer, to be sent to the National Secretary.

Our certificate of deposit (CD) matures on June 30. Brother Boothroyd reported that we should have about $2,477. Renewal rates are 1.66% APY for 12 months, 1.82% APY for 18 months, 1.92% APY for 24 months, and 1.97% APY for 36 months. After some discussion, Brother Sosnowski made a motion to reinvest $2000 into a 24 month CD at 1.92% APY. Brother Black seconded this motion, which was voted and APPROVED. Brother Annis cautioned to be aware of the renewal period to avoid penalties.

Brother J. Bonney moved to maintain the Department per capita tax at $5. Brother Richford seconded the motion. The motion was APPROVED without opposition.

Brother Richford moved to maintain the Encampment registration fee at $2, and with a second by Brother J. Bonney, the motion was voted and APPROVED.

Brother J. Bonney asked about the status of the required 501(c)(3) language updates to all bylaws due by the end of this month. Brother Boothroyd reported that changes to the Department bylaws were approved by the Commander-in-Chief last summer, and updated bylaws from Camps #3, #56, and #69 were received and approved by the Department Commander this year. A letter of compliance has been prepared to send to the National Treasurer.

Brother Sosnowski moved to donate $50 to the Taconnett Falls Genealogical Library and$150 to Wreaths Across America, as we had done last year. The motion was seconded by Brother Richford, voted by the membership, and APPROVED.

PDC Morris Berry made a proposal, through Commander Bonney, that he was interested in making a relationship chart of Department members to their Civil War ancestors. After discussion, it was deemed that there was interest. Commander Bonney will contact Morris to get details of what he is looking for, then we can canvas the Department membership to see who wants to participate.

A proposal was received from the Daughters to meet jointly again next year here at Governors’ in Waterville on June 20, 2020. Brother Boothroyd moved to accept the proposal. Brother J. Bonney seconded the motion, and it was CARRIED.

Brother Sosnowski reported that there are two V.A. headstones in Oceanview Cemetery in Wells for Union veterans that are of the “pointed top” Confederate veteran design. He is working with Congresswoman Chellie Pingree to have this rectified, but he has been unable to contact the cemetery to approve the project and the installation.

Nomination of Officers for 2019-2020

The Commander opened nominations for the elected officers of the Department with the following results:

  • Commander: Larry Bonney
  • Sr. Vice Commander: Peter Redman, Jr.
  • Vice Commander: James Bonney, Robert Richford
  • Council (1 yr.): James Bonney
  • Council (2 yr.): David Sosnowski
  • Secretary/ Treasurer: Eric Boothroyd

Nominations for (3) delegates to the National Encampment were as follows:

  • James Bonney
  • Peter Redman
  • Robert Richford

Brother Boothroyd moved, with Brother J. Bonney’s second, to have the secretary cast one ballot for all uncontested nominations. The motion CARRIED unanimously.

Paper ballots were cast for the contested race of Department Junior Vice Commander with the following results:

  • James Bonney 3
  • Robert Richford 6

Brother Boothroyd further moved that all Brothers of this Department in good standing at the time of this Encampment are elected as Alternates to the National Encampment.

Brother Sosnowski seconded this motion and it, too, was CARRIED.

Installation of Officers

Commander Bonney surrendered the Chair to SVC-in-C Norris, who served as the Installing Officer. Brother Sosnowski served as Installing Chaplain. The secretary called the roll of officers-elect with the Commander-elect making the following officer appointments:

  • Patriotic Instructor: Howard Black, Jr.
  • Chaplain: David Sosnowski, P.D.C.
  • Counselor: Eric Boothroyd, P.D.C.
  • Historian: Wayne Bennett, P.C.C.
  • Graves Registration Officer: Howard Black, Jr.
  • Civil War Memorials Officer: vacant
  • Guide: vacant
  • Color Bearer: Stephen Morgan, P.D.C.
  • Guard: vacant
  • Eagle Scout Coordinator: Paul Dionne, Jr., P.D.C.
  • Signals Officer: Peter Redman
  • ROTC Officer: vacant

The officers were duly installed according to Ritual. The gavel was placed in the hands of Commander Bonney to preside over the remainder of the Encampment.

The Commander assigned Brother J. Bonney to approach the Daughters on last chances for the chess raffle.

Minutes of the Encampment

Secretary Boothroyd read back the minutes of the meeting. Brother Redman moved to accept the minutes as read, which was seconded by Brother Richford and CARRIED.

The 137th Encampment of the Department of Maine was duly closed at 3:05 PM by Department Commander Larry Bonney.