2018 Jun 23 – 136th Annual Encampment Proceedings

Minutes of the 136th Annual Encampment respectfully submitted by Eric Boothroyd, P.D.C., Department Secretary-Treasurer.

The 136th Annual Encampment of the Department of Maine, SUVCW, was held at Governor’s Restaurant, Waterville, Maine, on Saturday, June 23, 2018. It was held in conjunction with the Annual Convention of the Department of Maine, DUVCW, with these two Allied Orders having not met simultaneously since 2005.

The Encampment was opened with full ritual at 9:34 with Department Commander David Sosnowski presiding.

Roll Call of Department Officers

The roll was called with Commander Sosnowski making temporary appointments to fill vacancies as needed.

  • Commander David Sosnowski – present
  • Sr. Vice Commander Larry Bonney – present
  • Jr. Vice Commander – vacant (chair filled by Morris Berry)
  • Council #1 Charles McGillicuddy – absent
  • Council #2 Morris Berry – present
  • Council #3 Peter Redman – present
  • Secretary-Treasurer Eric Boothroyd – present
  • Patriotic Instructor Peter Redman – present
  • Chaplain Charles McGillicuddy – absent (chair filled by Paul Dionne)
  • Counselor Eric Boothroyd – present
  • Historian Eric Boothroyd – present
  • Graves Registration Officer Stevens Bunker– absent (arrived later)
  • Civil War Memorials Officer Paul Berry – absent
  • Guide Morris Berry – present (Wayne Bennett appointed to Guide duty for Encampment)
  • Color Bearer Stephen Morgan – absent
  • Guard James Bonney – present
  • Eagle Scout Coordinator Paul Dionne – present
  • Signals Officer Peter Redman – present

The Commander appointed the following Brothers to the Credentials Committee: Eric Boothroyd

The Commander then introduced our guest and National Representative, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Ed Norris, PDC, of the Dept. of Massachusetts, who offered greetings from C-in-C Mark Day.

Report of the Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee reported 10 Brothers of the Department and 1 guest present. All Department Brothers were Members and eligible to vote. $22 in registration fees was collected and submitted to the treasurer. The roll call of the Encampment membership was reported by the secretary as follows:

James Annis, delegate Camp 3
David Sosnowski, DC Camp 56
Wayne Bennett, PCC Camp 3
Morris Berry, PDC, Council Camp 56
Howard Black, Jr., delegate Camp 3
Paul Dionne, Jr., PDC Camp 56
Eric Boothroyd, PDC, Sec/Treas Camp 3
 Larry Bonney, DSVC, CC Camp 69
Peter Redman, Council Camp 3
James Bonney, delegate Camp 69
[Garfield Camp 1 is currently under suspension.]

Appointments to other standing committees were as follows:

  • Constitution & Regulations – Paul Dionne, Morris Berry
  • Resolutions/Officers’ Reports – James Bonney
  • Fraternal Relations – To appoint as needed

Officers’ Reports

Written reports (to be included with the encampment proceedings) were submitted and presented by Commander Sosnowski; Secretary-Treasurer, Counselor and Historian Eric Boothroyd; and Eagle Scout Coordinator Paul Dionne.

Verbal reports were presented by SVC Larry Bonney, who spoke about his attendance at memorial dedications, parades, and grave ceremonies, and Patriotic Instructor Peter Redman, who could not provide a PI report until all annual Camp PI reports were received. He has only received a report from Camp 3. He also attended the 4th Maine Monument rededication in Rockland last July.

The written reports were referred to committee.


A resolution was presented from Camp #3 to revise the Department By-laws to conform to General Order No. 18, Series 2017-2018. (referred to C&R committee)

A resolution was received from the Dept. of Michigan endorsing PDC Donald Shaw for election to C-in-C at the National Encampment. (referred to the Resolutions committee)

A letter of thanks and a certificate of appreciation were received from Wreaths Across America for last year’s donation and participation.

An invitation to all Allied Orders members to the New England Regional Association’s 1st Annual Friendship Luncheon in Laconia, NH, on July 21st was presented.

A short recess was called by the Commander so that committees could confer. The Bible was closed at 10:19.

The Encampment was reconvened and the Bible was opened at 10:38. All members were reported present.

Committee Reports

  • Constitution & Regulations: Recommends approval of by-laws amendment resolution.
  • Resolutions: Recommends that the Maine delegation to the Nat’l Encampment vote their conscience for C-in-C.
  • Officers’ Reports: Committee recommends that the reports be accepted as presented.
  • Fraternal Relations: No report.

Unfinished Business

  • Aldie Fund – In the absence of Brother Steve Bunker, the secretary reported where we are at this point. Steve is working to complete the project this year. He requested greater accessibility to the funds, so with the consent of the Council and Department Commander, we relinquished control of the funds in April by closing out our account and transferring the monies to the 1st Maine Cavalry Memorial Fund which has been established by Brother Bunker.
  • Dirigo Award – This award was authorized last year and referred to the Department Council to work out the details. Brother Berry reported that he had been in touch with Brother Redman, but he had no contact from Brother McGillicuddy. It was reviewed that the recipient of this award would be a non-member of the Allied Orders who performed outstanding service in the memory of Civil War soldiers and would be chosen by the Department Council; the award to be presented at the Department Encampment. Brother Redman stated that this project brings us in contact with the community and is important for recruitment. Discussion revolved around the specific criteria required for eligibility, timelines for application submission and Council selection, application forms, and the form of the award itself (plaque vs. certificate). The Commander recommended that a committee consisting of Brothers Berry and Redman be formed to work out these details. Brother L. Bonney made a motion to empower this committee to establish the criteria for the Dirigo Award with the incoming Department Council given the authority to approve their recommendations. Brother Boothroyd seconded the motion but added a friendly amendment that this work should be completed by the end of this calendar year if we anticipate a presentation for next year’s Encampment. Brother Bonney accepted the amendment, the motion was put to a vote, and it was CARRIED unanimously. Brother Berry moved that a budget of $100 be set aside for the award. Brother Boothroyd seconded the motion and it was CARRIED without opposition.
  • Archives and Relics Committee – This committee was established after the disbandment of Hyde Camp #46 in 2012 to seek repositories for Department property acquired from defunct Camps. Brother Boothroyd pointed out that the 2015 Encampment proceedings mentioned that the committee should continue, but no mention was made of the Archives and Relics Committee at the 2016 or 2017 Encampments. He wanted to know what the status of this committee was. Brother Berry spoke up as one of the original members of that committee to say that he still has the Hyde Camp property, including filing cabinets, in his garage. He would like to be able to clear that out. JVC-in-C Norris made reference to recent General Order No. 26 and reminded the Encampment that Camp property cannot be given away. It is turned over to the Department Commander “to be held in trust for the National Order Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.” Where do we keep it? Should National be addressing this? Brother Black mentioned that ephemera can be digitized. But what about the physical properties (e.g., filing cabinets, swords, Bibles, Charters)? Discussion was made on the various properties held among our members and the properties that are known to be held at libraries, historical societies, and museums.Brother Norris suggested that we should draft a letter to the Commander-in-Chief and the Executive Director to receive clarification on where the National Organizations wants this property kept if it’s held in trust for them.Brother Stevens Bunker entered the Encampment room at 11:27.The Credentials Committee gave a revised report that 11 Brothers of the Department are present and eligible to vote. We still have one guest, and registration fees collected now total $24.12.
  • Aldie Fund (cont’d) – With the arrival of Brother Bunker, we let him speak on the project. Steve sent a hastily filled out Form 62 to National to beat a June 15th deadline requesting a $750 donation to the project. Brother Norris mentioned that it had not been reviewed by National yet, and it may get kicked back for missing information and signatures. The monument stone at Forgotten Stoneworks has not been engraved yet. Their sandblaster recently had a heart attack, and Steve may need to do the work himself. Site preparation at Middleburg, VA, has been impeded by rain, but he hopes to have excavation and concrete done this month. This location in Middleburg is in the process of being designated as a State Battlefield Park.

The report of the Department Council (not referred to committee) was presented at this time by Brother Morris Berry who reported that he and Brother Redman examined the treasurer’s account records prior to the meeting and found them to be in order. The Commander asked if the Encampment was in favor of accepting the Council’s report. All approved.

Commander Sosnowski called a recess for lunch. The Bible was closed at 11:59.


Following the combined luncheon with the Sisters of the DUVCW, a joint Memorial Service was officiated by the Sisters. Our departed Brothers were recognized: Otis Evans, Jr. (Camp 69), Roger Beverage (ex-Camp 56), Richard Roberts (Camp 69), and Clyde Berry (Camp 1).


The meeting of the Department Encampment was reopened by Commander Sosnowski at 1:10. All members were reported present. Mrs. Julie Redman was also recognized as an additional guest.

New Business

Brother Boothroyd put forward a motion that the Department pay to the Allied Orders fund $14 for the cost of our National Representative’s lunch. The motion was seconded by Brother Bunker, voted, and APPROVED.

Brother Bennett moved that the Encampment adopt the changes to the Department Bylaws as proposed by the Camp 3 resolution and approved by the Committee on Constitution & Regulations. The motion was seconded by Brother Berry and CARRIED unanimously.

Because Brother Clyde Berry had backup signatory authority on our Department bank accounts, his death has left Brother Boothroyd with sole access to these accounts. Brother Bennett volunteered to have his name added to these accounts. Brother Boothroyd moved that the Department of Maine, SUVCW, accounts held at the Bangor Savings Bank should have Clyde G. Berry’s name removed, due to his passing, and that Wayne E. Bennett’s name be added in his place. This will leave Brothers Boothroyd and Bennett with access to these accounts. The motion was seconded by Brother L. Bonney, and CARRIED without objection.

The subject of the Garfield Camp suspension was raised. Brother Boothroyd reviewed the circumstances which led to the suspension and read a letter that he had sent to each Camp member. Since we have heard nothing from Camp officers, Commander Sosnowski and SVC Bonney instructed the secretary to send a registered letter to Camp Secretary-Treasurer McGillicuddy requesting a plan of action with a deadline of one month in which to respond. If that fails, the Department Commander will take unilateral action in calling a Camp meeting.

Commander Sosnowski surrendered the Chair and passed the gavel to SVC Bonney in order to propose a motion to reinstate Past Department Commander rank to Stevens Bunker, a fellow member of Camp 56, who had lost it when he was dropped for non-payment in 2015, but reinstated a few months later. Brother Dionne (Camp 56) seconded the motion, and it was CARRIED unanimously. The Senior Vice Commander yielded the Chair back to the Commander.

Brother Boothroyd suggested that the Department consider purchasing flag stands, since he has been bringing Camp 3’s flag stands for the past few years. Brother Berry spoke up and said that he had the wrought iron flag stands in his garage that Larry Smith used to provide for the Encampment. Problem solved.

Brother L. Bonney moved to maintain the Department per capita tax at $5. Brother Berry seconded the motion. The motion was APPROVED without opposition.

Brother Boothroyd moved to maintain the Encampment registration fee at $2, and with a second by Brother J. Bonney, the motion was voted and APPROVED.

Brother Boothroyd had renewed our certificate of deposit for an 18 month term, so it will not come due until the end of June 2019. He suggested that we defer any decision on renewal until the next Encampment. That suggestion was put into the form of a motion by Brother Dionne and seconded by Brother Redman. The motion to defer action on the CD was CARRIED.

Brother Boothroyd moved to donate $50 to the Taconnett Falls Genealogical Library, with a second from Brother L. Bonney. The motion was voted and APPROVED.

Brother Berry moved to donate $150 to Wreaths Across America, which was seconded by Brother Bunker. The motion was voted and APPROVED.

Brother Boothroyd moved to donate $100 to the 1st Maine Cavalry Memorial Fund, with a second from Brother L. Bonney. The motion was voted and APPROVED.

As to the location of next year’s Encampment, Brother Boothroyd moved that we maintain a joint meeting space with the Daughters and meet again in Waterville next June. Brother Bunker seconded the motion. A brief discussion was made as to where the Auxiliary could meet if they join us next year. A suite in the Fireside Inn could probably accommodate their small group. When taken to a vote, the motion was CARRIED. [The date will be June 29, 2019.]

Nomination of Officers for 2018-2019

The Commander opened nominations for the elected officers of the Department with the following results:

  • Commander: Larry Bonney
  • Sr. Vice Commander: Peter Redman
  • Jr. Vice Commander: Morris Berry
  • Council (1 yr.): Peter Redman
  • Council (2 yr.): Paul Dionne
  • Secretary/ Treasurer: Eric Boothroyd

At this point Brother Norris called a point of order questioning whether Brothers can hold more than one elected office. The Commander called a short recess to allow research into this matter. The Bible was closed at 2:19.

The meeting was reconvened at 2:28. A search of the C&R by Brothers Norris and Boothroyd could find no language that specifically prohibited Department officers from holding more than one elected position.

Nominations for (3) delegates to the National Encampment were as follows:

  • James Bonney
  • Peter Redman
  • Wayne Bennett

Brother Boothroyd moved, with Brother Bunker’s second, to have the secretary cast one ballot for all uncontested nominations. The motion CARRIED unanimously.

Brother Boothroyd further moved that all Department members in good-standing as of this date be eligible as alternates to the National Encampment. Brother Redman seconded this motion and it, too, was CARRIED.

Installation of Officers

Commander Sosnowski surrendered the Chair to Brother Norris, who served as the Installing Officer. Brother Bennett served as Installing Guide, and Brother Dionne served as Installing Chaplain. The secretary called the roll of officers-elect. Commander-elect Bonney was not prepared to name his staff appointments at this time.

The officers were duly installed according to Ritual. Brother Norris presented the Past Department Commander badge to Brother Sosnowski. The gavel was placed in the hands of Commander Bonney to preside over the remainder of the Encampment.

Brother Berry left the Encampment room at 2:45.

Minutes of the Encampment

Secretary Boothroyd read back the minutes of the meeting. Brother Sosnowski moved to accept the minutes as read, which was seconded by Brother Redman and CARRIED.

The 136th Encampment of the Department of Maine was duly closed at 3:10 PM by Department Commander Larry Bonney.


The Commander made the following officer appointments after the meeting was closed:

  • Patriotic Instructor: Howard Black, Jr.
  • Chaplain: David Sosnowski, P.D.C.
  • Counselor: Eric Boothroyd, P.D.C.
  • Historian: Wayne Bennett, P.C.C.
  • Graves Registration Officer: Howard Black, Jr.
  • Civil War Memorials Officer: Paul Berry, Jr.
  • Guide: James Bonney
  • Color Bearer: Stephen Morgan, P.D.C.
  • Guard: vacant
  • Eagle Scout Coordinator: Paul Dionne, Jr., P.D.C.
  • Signals Officer: Peter Redman
  • ROTC Officer: vacant