2016 Apr 30 – 134th Annual Encampment Proceedings

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Department of Maine met for their 134th annual encampment at the Governors Restaurant in Waterville, Maine.

The encampment opened at 9:50AM with 11 members and 1 guest, with Department
Commander, Scott Mairs presiding.

Our honored guest Kevin P. Tucker, Past Department of Massachusetts Commander was introduced.

Roll Call found the following officers absent, Council Member #1, Paul Dionne, Jr.; Graves Registration Officer, Dana Cobb and Color Bealer, Steven Morgan.

Officers Reports were given by the following. Commander, Mairs gave a brief oral report.  Senior Vice Commander, David Sosnowski gave a written report.  David Gowen, Council Member, gave a report of activities of the Council and stated that the Treasurers books had been audited and found correct. A written Eagle Scout Coordinators report from Paul Dionne, Jr. was read by Clyde G. Berry, Secretary.

There were no communications.

Old Business:  Report of the Aldie Committee was given by David Sosnowski in the absence of Stevens Bunker, Aldie Project coordinator. After much discussion Brother, David Gowen put forth the following motion.

MOTION: that the Department of Maine, encampment give permission to the Department Council to work with Brother Stevens Bunker to get written authority from the land owner and the appropriate Department in the State of Virginia. The Council will get a final budget as of the date of completion. The Council will authorize the disbursement of all funds to the contractors up to the balance presently in the fund. It was further moved that a certified, signed receipt request letter be sent to Brother Bunker with this motion setting a completion date of the next Department of Maine encampment, presently scheduled for April 29,2017, after which the Department of Maine Encampment will be empowered to use the fund for other Civil War
Monuments and projects. The motion was seconded by Morris Berry. The motion was approved.

New Business. A motion was made by Morris Berry and seconded by David Sosnowski to donate $150.00 to Wreathes Across America. It was approved.

A motion was made by Clyde Berry and seconded by David Sosnowski that $50.00 be donated to Taconnett Genealogical Library for the care of our records.

David Sosnowski suggested a bigger effort be made to get and retain members. Much discussion was held about Facebook and social media outlets. The new Web site was mentioned and many had looked at it. Morris Berry volunteered to Contact Steve Morgan, the present Web master, about the Facebook page. It was voted to open our Facebook page to non-members as well as members. David Sosnowski made the motion seconded by Peter Redmond. This motion was approved.

Charles McGillicuddy made the motion to donate $25.00 to the Betsey Ann Ross House of Hope. The motion was seconded by David Sosnowski. It is a non-profit 501c3 group for the care of up to seven women veterans and their children. They have recently purchased a building in Augusta. The motion was approved. Charles thanked the members and stated that he would add another $25.00 to the amount.

Charles McGillicuddy announced that May 26-30, 2016 the Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall will be on display at the Knox Museum in Thomaston, Maine. He made the motion to take the Department of Maine Flag to the ceremony for display. He volunteered to take the flag and be responsible for getting it back to the Department. Seconded by David Sosnowski, motion approved.

Secretary, Clyde Berry read a letter about activities for the 150th Anniversary of Togus. More information will be provided by Larry Bonney as the time gets closer.

The Bible was closed and recess declared for lunch at 12 noon and resumed at 1:45PM.

The encampment was called to order and the Bible opened.

A motion was made to reimburse Kevin Tucker for his lunch, Larry Williams made the motion and David Sosnowski seconded it. It was approved.

The following officers were nominated:

  • Commander: David Sosnowski
  • Sr. Vice Commander: Larry Bonney
  • Jr. Vice Commander: Scott Mairs
  • Council #1: Paul Dionne, Jr.
  • Council #2: Charles McGillicuddy
  • Secretary: Eric Boothroyd
  • Treasurer: Clyde Berry

It was voted that the Secretary cast one ballot as none of the positions were contested. The motion by Larry Williams, and seconded by David Sosnowski. The vote was cast by the Secretary and the above officers were elected.

Brother Kevin P. Tucker, Past Commander, Department of Massachusetts installed the following officers:

  • Commander: David Sosnowski
  • Sr. Vice Commander: Larry Bonney
  • Jr. Vice Commander: Scott Mairs
  • Council #1: Paul Dionne, Jr.
  • Council #2: Charles McGillicuddy
  • Secretary: Eric Boothroyd
  • Treasurer: Clyde Berry
  • Patriotic Instructor: Peter Redmond
  • Chaplain: Charles McGillicuddy
  • Graves Reg. Officer: Dana Cobb
  • Historian : Eric Boothroyd
  • Eagle Scout Cor.: Paul Dionne, Jr.
  • Counselor: Eric Boothroyd
  • Guard: James Bonney
  • Guide: Morris Berry
  • Color Bearer: Steve Morgan

Brother. Scott Mairs was presented his Past Commanders Badge and was thanked by the members.

Kevin Tucker mentioned a celebration at the National Veterans Cemetery in Bourne, MA May 29,2016.  Also the National SUVCW Encampment August 8-11, 2016 in Springfield, Illinois. The 2018 National Encampment will be held in Framingham, Massachusetts.

It was voted for the Department Secretary to send a thank you note to Governors Restaurant for their fine service.
A short Memorial Service was conducted by Department Chaplain, Charles McGillicuddy.

The next annual encampment will be April 29,2017.

The Department discussed working to coordinate the conventions of the three orders, SUVCW, SUVCW Auxiliary and DUVCW into one convention weekend. The following committee was appointed: Eric Boothroyd, Clyde Berry and Larry Bonney.

The Encampment closed in form with Department Commander, David Sosnowski, presiding.

In F L and C
Clyde G. Berry, Secretary
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department of Maine